Why Pinterest should be your blog’s best friend. 

Many bloggers believe that Pinterest couldn’t possibly be for them. If that’s you, I’m here to tell you that it IS for you AND your blog! and to tell you why it would be beneficial for you to give it a chance.

I see posts often where bloggers are getting discouraged after a month of blogging, they aren’t getting many hits or making great momentum. They promote their posts to some Facebook groups, and maybe on their personal feed. While Facebook is great and a very useful business tool, the fastest way that I’ve seen traffic momentum, is to join Pinterest, and use it!

Firstly, blogs take time to establish, they take time to show up on search engines. I’m not going to say that by joining Pinterest that you’ll gain thousands of readers overnight, but I wouldn’t rule anything out. In my own personal experience, taking the time to establish an engaging Pinterest account, will definitely help gain traffic and momentum to your readership stats. It may take a bit but once people start re-pinning your pins then higher traffic begins to follow along.

I’m starting over, here at Briar Rose Blog, so I may not have the numbers here yet but my previous blog launched in 2014, for instance, and on a month that I would get 20,000 views, 18,000 were more than likely directed from Pinterest. The stats were always the highest from Pinterest and the best part is that Pinterest offers analytics that you can track how many hits you’re getting there as well.

Here’s an example:

This is the difference in numbers as to what sources are sending the most traffic to my blog and Pinterest is always, always, at the top of the list.

Some simple tips for starting off on Pinterest: 

Having a solid profile is useful when trying to attract new readers. Be sure your website is linked into your main profile and that you include a small about section and a photo.

It helps to create different boards on topics that fit into your blog and personal interests. You can keep the boards secret until you’ve got enough pins in them to take up the cover of the album. You certainly don’t have to do it this way, I just feel that having a full board looks more appealing and complete to people who might stop by your profile to see what you’ve got in common. You can also create a featured board to showcase what your profile is all about.

It’s also important to pin other people’s content that interests you. It’ll keep your profile active, it’ll add content to get people to your Pinterest, and it may even motivate others to share your pins in return.

Group boards are definitely handy to join. Search for some that fit in with your content and request to join. Once you gain momentum, people will probably even send you invites to join group boards as well.

Never forget a good, detailed description on your pins. Even some hashtags are a great tool.

I get that some blogs are strictly narrative, that’s okay and can still apply to Pinterest. Take images, use stock images, even if you create simple title graphics that link into your blog from Pinterest. It’s super useful.

People are visual, so when you can, try to get a captivating photo to use. Picmonkey is a free online editing program that you can use to put title words on your photos. This helps people when scrolling by, to stop and see what your post is all about. If there’s no title, they may think it’s just a pretty photo but if they see a title they’re more inclined to click it to read more.

Having a pin it button on your blog also helps and makes it easier for people to share your content.

Download the Pinterest app on your phone and pin on the go!

I hope this information proves helpful and gains you some new viewers and followers for your blog.

Happy Pinning!

How does Pinterest help your blog? What are your best Pinterest tips? Connect with me in the comments below!


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