Successful business tips for Facebook

I’m in no way a Facebook pro, but I have run a few successful businesses over the years where Facebook was the main sales / income source and I thought I would share what worked here for me, in hopes to help some other people trying to build their brand.

Facebook can be tricky for businesses. They decide who sees what and when. In addition to having a Facebook Business Page, I also suggest having a Facebook group. If people aren’t interacting with your page often, or they aren’t subscribed to all notifications, then your posts aren’t going to show up in their news feed. When you post to a group, it notifies all of the members that you have made a post. I found it helpful to have a “sales” group in addition to the business page when my Mama and I were actively crafting through our Rustic Reclaimed Designs.

I have however run businesses without the addition to a group and it helps to post often and interact with your followers. Ask questions, create a poll, ask for opinions. ex: “What colour should I paint this side table?” followers love that you care about their opinion. (and you should, where would we be without them, anyways? 😉 ) Always show appreciation for your followers and be sure to always answers comments. Create engaging content. Good quality posts, you can even schedule posts for later to keep your page active when you might not have time.

Be real. It’s important to not only post business related posts but also personal posts. People want to see that there’s a real person behind the business. Share stories, what you’re doing this weekend, how you’re decorating, what you love, what fills your life, etc.

Use Facebook’s features. There are so many edit page sections on Facebook it can be a little confusing, but if you look around there are lots of fantastic options. There’s a ton of different tabs that you can use and rearrange, like a pinterest thread, etsy store, instagram feed etc. Find the apps by searching for them and hit the add tab to Facebook page. There’s also a layout option where you can change the way your page looks. Play around with it until you find something you like. Be sure to also set your page’s unique URL.

Use the about section to link in your other social media sites. They have an option now under edit page where you can choose which social media outlet you want to link in and it’ll appear on your page. Be sure your website is also linked in and visible for your followers. You can even use the button feature to connect to your online store or email list.

Have great cover & profile photos. Something that will catch someone’s eye that may be scrolling by, or something with info, or to prompt them to sign up for your newsletter or check out your etsy shop.

Join groups. Join groups that are in your niche or business type. There’s so many amazing blogging groups, small business groups, buy & sell groups. Do some searching and join a few groups. Share your stuff with the members.

Have your personal profile linked to your business page under jobs. This way anyone that clicks your profile will see your page, and hopefully click it and give you a follow. Also on your personal profile, Facebook now has the option to add website and social media links. Use these to your advantage.

Have your group and page linked together. Under both group and page settings there’s a way to link your sales group and page together so members of the group will see your page and followers of your page will see your group. 

Promote your page to your personal profile. Share your link, click the invite friends option. Ask your friends to share if they see something they like. Encourage followers to share as well.

Try videos. This is something on my “to-try” list. I don’t know how much I like the idea, BUT I hear people say all the time how much more engagement they get with a video. You can use Facebook’s live feature for your group or page, or share a snapchat to start. There’s also lots of apps that help create videos to share. (I’ll checkout some apps and share a couple of links)

Pin Posts. Pin important posts to the top of your Facebook page. You can do this by finding the little arrow above the post, clicking it and in the dropdown menu, finding the ‘pin post’ option. This will keep the post at the top of the page so it’s the first thing a visitor will see. Switch it up with new posts often.

Try posting at different times of the day. See what days and time of day works best for your followers. This can be a little confusing as there’s lots of conflicting articles out there so my suggestion would be to see what time of day your followers are interacting with your posts most and post at those times.

While Facebook is a great business tool, be sure to also include other social media channels for your business adventures. I also created a post on using Pinterest for business as well, and why it should be your blog’s or your business’ best friend.

I hope some of this info will be helpful. If there’s anything else you think I’m missing from the list, please let me know! If you found this post useful, please considering sharing it with your friends. Thanks so much for stopping by today.


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