China cabinet progress. Fresh coat of paint.

China Cabinet before & Progress.

I had been looking for a China cabinet for so long to house my new Rae Dunn obsession. There were lots of beauties posted online but not having a big truck made it an issue to get any of them home. Luckily my friend Richelle was looking to rehome this one in exchange for another piece of furniture. Well, we have an abundance of that so we were able to work out a trade. (I love the barter system) Thank you friend!

I didn’t get a photo of this beast all together in one photo for the before shots because it needed some work and I wanted to paint the whole thing and not miss spots if it was on top of one another.

Image may contain: indoorIt was missing one of its glass panels so I pulled the other side out to match and replaced it with chicken wire but I may do that for the remaining two panels of glass as well.

The right side trim at the bottom was broken and needed to be put back on and secured and the door panels weren’t attached. (At this point I was wondering what I got myself into. Most people I know probably would have tossed this poor thing to the curb)

After the panels had been put back on and my little happy helper! Ready to paint!

I chose to use Country Chic Paint’s Simplicity for this one. And I wrote a note to myself on the top on what I used in case it needs touch ups down the road. I use a lot of different whites and can never remember which one is which.

About 5 coats of paint later, and here she is! All bright and fresh!

I couldn’t believe the difference! Neither could Richelle. (My sweet little sign in there was made from a decal from Kim at It’s  Personally Yours & my beautiful tea towel is from

I left it sitting like this for so long because I couldn’t decide if it would suit the chippy distressed look but I’m working on it now and will share some photos once it’s done!

I’m happy my Rae Dunn collection has a home!

Do you collect Rae Dunn too? I’d love to see your collection! I’m working on a couple posts about mine! 🌸


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