Must Have Decor for that Perfect Farmhouse Feel

Must have decor for that perfect farmhouse feel.

I’ve recently joined a few amazing affiliate programs and their farmhouse decor is swoon worthy! I added links to my affiliate list and also created a Pinterest board of my top faves but I thought I would share some of them here as well. This list is from Antique FarmHouse and I want one of everything!

The titles and photos are linked into the info / purchase page of Antique Farmhouse. 

Our Nest Linen Pillow

I see these in beautiful farmhouse Instagram feeds daily! Definitely on my wish list!

Our Nest Linen Pillow


Shabby Chic Corbel Bookends

I need these in my life.

Shabby Chic Cornice Bookends

Ceramic Numbered Canister, Set of 3

How flippin’ cute are these?!

Ceramic Numbered Canister, Set of 3

Recycled Glass Cellar Bottles

I recently found one at Value Village and I LOVE it!

HUGE Recycled Glass Cellar Bottles

Olive Buckets, Set of 2

I got my Olive Bucket at Vintage Vogue here in Grimsby.

Reproduction Olive Buckets, Set of 2

An Embossed Metal Sign

(Antique FarmHouse has lots but this Sweet Tea one is my fave.)

Embossed Metal SWEET TEA Sign

Faux Greenery

I LOVE faux greenery. I do not have a green thumb. at. all. I’d love to add more faux greenery to our decor. & How cute are those primitive looking pots?!

Preserved Boxwood Topiaries, Set of 6

Rustic 2 Tier Tray

I absolutely love watching everyone on Instagram style these beauties up so perfectly.

Rustic Metal 2 Tier Display Tray


I’m still looking for an authentic one but in the meantime I did a ridiculous DIY that I’ll share soon.

Small Square Tobacco Basket, Set of 2

Vintage Style Balance Scale

One of my faves! I’d love to find one.

Vintage Style Balance Scale


Yes! I may have too many. (Is there a such thing?)

Rustic Framed Chalkboard with Shelf

Chicken Feeder Plate Rack

I love how Liz Marie has one on top of her gorgeous china cabinet!

Chicken Feeder Plate Rack

Chippy Architectural Pieces 

There are lots of beautiful pieces on the website. I love them all.

Rustic Elegance Wall Shelf

Windmill Wall Hanging

Authentic Farmhouse Vibes.

HUGE Windmill Wall Decor

Cotton Canvas Pillow With Red Stripes

I’ve got a big love going on for grain sack looking pillows lately. I’ve seen lots of beauties online.

Cotton Canvas Pillow With Red Stripes

For more of my faves, please check out my Pinterest board

What are some other things that should be on the list? I love looking at all of this beautiful decor.

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* I realized after posting these beauties that Antique Farmhouse doesn’t ship to Canada. While this is still a great post for my US friends, I’m working on a post for us Canadians as well. 

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure and list of faves.


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