Finishing Wax vs. Furniture Glaze 

When I first started painting furniture I only used dark wax for my details, I was afraid to use glaze because I felt like it was going to be difficult. Boy, was I wrong. I was shocked at how easy it was to work with. I’ll share a few of my projects soon.

I know a lot of people prefer wax to glaze but I now prefer glaze to wax and I figured I’d make a quick list to say why.

I don’t dislike wax, and I still use Country Chic’s wax (both their black and pearl) I just find it’s a lot more work for getting into the details than the glaze is.

For these references I’m using CCP water based glaze and black wax

With black wax, I find that you have to try to only get the wax where you want the wax because wiping excess off doesn’t always take all of the colour with it, so it’ll also darken the top of your details. Glaze will wipe off whatever you don’t want it on. Easily.

Wax I take a long time to push into the details, being careful not to get it where I don’t want it. Glaze, I cover the whole piece, pushing it into all of the details and wiping excess off with a damp rag.

Wax may be better at edging as it stays where you put it. Glaze is sometimes easy to wipe too much off and then having to go over the space more than once. (Around the edges of a sign, around the edges of a table top, etc)

Wax is a great finishing tool, once it sinks in it is super durable. The black wax will darken the colour of the paint but sometimes that’s preferred.

Before trying Glaze I would use dark wax with clear wax to cover what I didn’t want stained and then paint to get into the details darker. (It was a lot of work but I’ll still share the technique here soon)

Here’s a look at a few different pieces I’ve done with wax or glaze:







I asked the Farmhouse Businesses Group on Facebook for their opinions on this subject, and here’s what some of them shared: 

Meegan from Brookson Rose Designs share this photo and her thoughts:

I do like both but since I like to clear coat most pieces I end up using glaze. It is nice that the glaze can be wiped away so easily to achieve the look I’m going for.

Alyssa from Shed Beauty shared her thoughts as well:

I’ve actually never used dark wax, just glaze. I’ve used it on my cabinets, my TV stand, a bench, and one of my art projects! Really love the look

I’m also working on a glaze 101 post, and CCP has a ton of fabulous tutorials for using their products over on their YouTube or website.

Which do you prefer to detail your pieces? 


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