Gallery Staircase - The storm is not your story. (Purpose & Destiny)

Gallery wall Staircase & the reason behind The Storm is not your Story. (Destiny & Finding Purpose)

The staircase had been sitting empty, aside from one giant mirror, for so long. I knew I wanted to do something there but really wasn’t sure until I just started hanging all of the things that I had around the house without a home.

I feel like it’s a LOT but there’s no way I’ll be redoing it anytime soon. There wasn’t a lot of thought put into it but it’s all super meaningful things and a lot of signs we made ourselves.

I feel cozy when I look up at the wall now. So many memories and love all jammed into one space.

It all started with that one saying on that sweet little chalkboard we made.

Which came from a great message at church about destiny.

I took a lot of notes that day. Pastor Matt always has such inspiring messages to share but that week really spoke to my soul. I really recommend listening to the message above when you have time.

The general message is that God has a determined, set destiny for our lives. We have been pre-destined. God has a specific purpose in place for you. You have unique gifts and He can’t use someone else to specifically do what YOU are destined to do. God created you for a purpose.

He wants to awaken a passion, get it into the foundation of who we are and rattle anything that gets in the way. Life has storms. They fight for our attention and predominance, they are sometimes hard to ignore but the point is not the storm. The storm is not your story. The storm is only a stepping stone to get you to where you need to be, or a way to show you that you’re moving in the wrong direction. Jesus is standing on the storm.

In the video message above, Pastor Matt also shares 3 keys to unlocking your destiny. They are fabulous and on point!

  1. Don’t move without Jesus,
  2. Eliminate fear,
  3. Expect God to act.

(See the video for the details.)

Pastor Matt said;

When you gave your life to Jesus, your purpose came alive.

Ask Jesus to lead your life.

This is when I decided to pray and ask God to guide me with what I have been struggling with for so long. I’ve been down the road of SO many creative outlets, I really have tried to stick it out and be successful at one but it’s been hard for me to determine where my purpose lies and where my passion is. I asked for Him to clear my eyes and show me what I was destined to do. Then came this blog.


I wrote a little prayer in my Jesus journal and I thought I would share it here with you in case you, too are hoping to be guided to your path in life. (Insert your desires where I’ve shared mine)


I ask that you please direct me to what my purpose is. I ask that you give me clear signs and push me toward my path in life. I’d like to do something from home that helps other people and contributes to my family’s income and wellbeing. I trust you and your plan for me. I’m excited for what’s to come.

Thank you for everything you have blessed us with.


Immediately after I wrote the prayer in my book I started writing on the following pages. I wrote, “planning a path” and words just started flowing. That I would take all of my random endeavours and put them together in a blog, that’s personal to me. To combine and share everything that fills my heart. My life, my decor, my projects, my love for Jesus and how he saved me, my amazing church messages, my line of religious gear that I started creating last year and never pursued, my natural lifestyle and creations, and all of my DIY fun. At first I thought I would combine everything into one and unpublish my other blogs, like The Herbal Healing Mama & Rustic Reclaimed, but after a bit of thinking, and this idea kind of just flowing out, I decided to leave them as they are, for now. I knew I needed to get my testimony written and published and also share it with the church. My next step will be to get that done and then to be baptized.

I hope these words inspire you like they have me. I find it beautiful to include these reminders in our day-to-day decor so we can look up and see them whenever we may need to be reminded. 🌸

Do you have a sign or part of your decor that serves as an important reminder? I’d love for you to share with me in the comments below.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.


4 thoughts on “Gallery wall Staircase & the reason behind The Storm is not your Story. (Destiny & Finding Purpose)

  1. Shannon says:

    I love that quote! “The storm is not your story”! I’ve had a lot of trials lately and this is a good reminder that the storm isn’t what defines but rather where we are after the storm has passed. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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