Reclaimed Wood - Entryway Bench (DIY)

Entryway Bench – Reclaimed Wood.

I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things, since we haven’t been crafting much at all for the last little while, I’ve been working on projects around the house. I painted a bench for a friend a while back, and when I was taking the photos of it, I realized how great a bench fits in our entryway. It’s a very narrow space and it’s not easy to work things into it.

My youngest son & I went out to the garage full of wood to see if we could find some pieces to build a bench with, that wouldn’t require sawing of any kind.  We lucked out after a while of searching and measuring. I’m really not skilled at building so I’m pretty pleased at how sturdy this thing turned out. Haha.

Reclaimed Wood - Entryway Bench (DIY)

There was really no skill to putting this together. It’s a little top-heavy though, so in hindsight, I would make the top less bulky if I were to do it again.

Here’s the materials we found in the barn.

I tried to at least measure around each piece before I screwed it in place to make it somewhat even.

I started by securing the two top boards together from the side that will be the bottom, and then screwing the legs onto them. (Glue and screws) Then, because I have no skills in woodworking, I found two flat boards to drill to the legs and attached the middle bar section which kind of bumped the one set of legs crooked, so I’ll probably take that part out and try again but I’ve left it for now.

I added the rustic looking board to the front that actually ended up matching the top.

Once it was assembled, I used a mix of brown, black and gray paint (each mixed with a bit of water) and used a wet paintbrush and rag to blend it into the wood to darken it and resemble a bit of a stain, to still show the wood grain on the top.

Once that was dry, I painted the legs and base with Country Chic Paint in Crinoline and used their Tough Coat on the top.

I was a little nervous to use the tough coat because I’ve heard it can be tricky to apply without getting streaks. Cindy at Vintage Vogue suggested I use one of CCP’s painting sponges, wet, and pour some stirred tough coat onto a tray and do single swipes with the wet sponge. It was super easy and dried streak free with just a hint of a sheen. I really like the finished look of it and will definitely be using it for more projects in the future.

Reclaimed Wood - Entryway Bench (DIY)


I kept this in the entry hall for a while but I’ve recently moved it over to the living room window for extra seating and so the cats can sit on it and look out the window.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Reclaimed Wood - Entryway Bench (DIY)


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