Our Livingroom Update

If you follow my instagram feed, then you probably see me moving this space around constantly. I think mostly because it’s an awkward square, with big doorways and only one wall without a window, I have a hard time finding a functional way to arrange it, that I love.

Do you guys mix antiques into your Farmhouse decor? Most of my antiques I love but I’m torn about this sofa. I’m trying to think functionally and I think this space could use one of those beautiful slip covered sectionals. They’re so cozy looking. Then I’d only have to worry about decorating the one side rather than both. Maybe something to save up for. 🙈

That poor beautiful chest sticks out like a sore thumb as well. I’d love to find a really chippy, rustic table for this space. Where do most people keep these beautiful chests? The end of the bed for blankets?

I was having a hard time balancing the sides of the sofa in this space. I moved that beautiful antique jam cupboard over to the dining room which I’ll share soon too and replaced it with this glass door cabinet that I scored for $10 and recently painted. I’ve got some of my antique books inside but am thinking some white items would really stand out in there since I didn’t paint the inside.

This shelf is one of the first things I ever painted and left it as is. It was sitting in our entry hall but now we’ve got that table that I painted there

I’ve also added some of my antique book collection here as well. They’ve been stored in the basement for too long and I love looking at them so I’m glad I’ve found a spot to put them.

Here’s where our fireplace is now. I shared this project originally on Rustic Reclaimed for Country Chic Paint’s blog but copied it over here as well because it’s one of my all time favourite projects. You can read it here. I added the antique chippy window to the front to give it some more character.

The fireplace is a little tucked in the corner now but I do like where it is. That mirror was a $5 barn find a few years ago that was covered in stickers and was a hideous yellow. I painted and antiqued it but I left the paint in tact because it was chippy and peeling so I whitewashed over those parts to not knock the chippies off and then pushed Glaze into the details to accent the aged look.

I talked about how I moved our entryway bench into the living room recently too.

I’m still loving that I decided to bring this old dresser in to be the TV stand. The moody dark wood is so beautiful.

View from coming down the stairs. You can see the whole space.

To the right (opening) is the dining room and I’m working on updating that space as well. I’m working on the china cabinet and a new table. I’ll share progress soon.

I really would love to find a nicer area rug to fit in here a little better. This one was pretty cheap from Giant Tiger. There are some gorgeous ones online at Linen Chest , some gorgeous Joanna Gaines collections at Shady Oaks Farm and even some pretty ones on amazon. Obviously I need to invest in some proper throw pillows as well.

So this is what I’ve been up to the last few days and am hoping to move over to the dining room now to get some things done in there too.

What are you all working on this week? Thanks so much for stopping by.



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