Furniture Makeover – My Big Mess Up. Before & After Table Project.

This table project was a bit of a learning experience for me. I haven’t done many tables and I made a big mistake on this one that took lots of time and patience to fix. I think it’s important to not just share our projects that turn out great but to also share when we mess up. Not just in hopes to save other people from making the same mistakes, but also to show that this stuff happens all the time, so to not be discouraged if it happens to you. (Even though it’s super hard not to be)

This table had been sitting in our basement since we moved in 2+ years ago. Since I had that really pretty ornate table and then found the new Harvest Table for us, I figured this table wasn’t ever going to be used by us again, so I thought that I should show it some love and then find it a new home.

We used this table at our last house, and I had just stained the entire thing, pedestal and all, a darker colour.

This is what it started as.

And after I stained it;

The chairs, a friend had brought over about a year ago and we had full plans on redoing them together, we just never got around to it, so I thought they would fit nicely with this table and also help clear up some space in the barn to get them done and out of here. Clearly, they needed some love as well.

Two of the chairs were painted in CCP’s Lazy Linen and distressed and glazed with smoky quartz. The two brown chairs I went over with Graphite Glaze to deepen the colour to be closer to the table top.

All of the chair cushions had been recovered with new fabric. (Something I had never done before.)

Here’s what I used on the table:

The pedestal base was painted in CCP’s Sunday Tea, distressed and glazed in Smoky Quartz. The rim around the table was painted in a mix of Sunday Tea and Lazy Linen with Smoky Quartz Glaze to match the chairs.

The top was done in minwax Bombay mahogany stain and polyurethane and darkened with Minwax Jacobean. Here’s where I made the mistake: I added streaks of brown and black glaze in to give it more depth and finished it off with Country Chic Paint’s Tough Coat to seal it.

While it looked awesome, we all know an oil based polyurethane and water based glazes don’t mix. But for some reason I wasn’t thinking because it had been sitting with the stain on it for so long.

So of course the finish wasn’t curing and a lady was waiting to come and see the table.

After a couple of days I realized that it wasn’t going to cure and that all of my hard work was going to have to be scraped off. 😭

My 12-year-old son helped me, (thank you buddy)  it was horrible and took a really long time.

It was sort of weird. Some places had hardened and were stuck good but most were just scrubbing right off.

We used hot water, scrubbies and a plastic paint scraper. I was so sad, and since this thing was taking up so much space in our house, I knew I had to just lower the price and try to sell it as is.

Luckily, the lady that was interested didn’t mind in the slightest and said she actually liked the colour of the top. (Thank you.) I felt crushed that all of my hard work seemed wasted but I’m glad she liked it anyway.

So lesson learned, and next time I take on a project that I had already started, I’ll be sure to sand it back down and start fresh. All in all, it didn’t turn out too terribly.

Have you made a big furniture mistake like this before? I’d love for you to share with me in the comments so I don’t feel alone with such a huge mess up.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. I appreciate your support so much.


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