Weekend Projects

I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that we’ve been working on this past weekend, carrying into this week. When I said that I always have a ton of projects on the go all at once, I wasn’t kidding.

This weekend we sanded and stained a table that we’ve had sitting in the barn waiting to come inside for a few months. This one is a personal project.

Thanks honey!

I wanted a harvest looking table to replace the ornate round one that was here before.

This is the ornate table that was in here before. I realized after I took it out of the house that I never really got a photo of it in here. It was beautiful but time for change.

I wanted something with chunky legs and we were lucky enough to find this beauty on the side of the road.

Table before

I also wanted the top to be a dark, moody, uneven stain so we didn’t  sand the whole top to the bare wood, just certain sections (mostly because it did not want to come off but also because this would help achieve that old worn look.) I used Minwax Jacobean and will go over it with CCP’s Tough Coat to seal it.

This was after only one coat of stain

I’ll be painting the spindle legs and base around the table top in CCP’s Cheesecake. I haven’t  used this colour yet but I love it. I wanted a warm colour in contrast to the other white furniture in the room.

I also had hubby help me pull a table out of the basement that’s been sitting there since we moved in. I had already redone it once at the old house in an all over dark stain. (Bombay Mahogany) So I decided to update it with some of Country Chic Paint’s Sunday Tea on the base and pedestal. I went in with CCP’s Glaze in Smoky Quartz and wet distressed it randomly.

I was set to post the table for sale on its own, but it was suggested that I do up some chairs to go along with it, as it would probably sell easier. The photo above was staged with our own chairs but I decided everyone  was probably right, and luckily we’ve had 4 chairs sitting in the project pile for ages that I thought might go nicely with the table. Sooo I pulled those out to paint and reupholster.

This is what I’m working on today. I’ve got one chair with a base coat on it so far. I’m using CCP’s Lazy Linen for these ones in hopes that they’re a close match to the table with just a bit of a contrast. I’ll also use the Smoky Quartz Glaze on these as well to accent the details.

A friend picked these up and we had plans to redo them but never could find the right fabric to cover the seats. Right now they’re a really old and faded gold colour. I’ve had this neat tea coloured fabric sitting for a while so I’m going to see if there’s enough to use for these chairs and go from there.

Wish me luck! What are you working on this week? 

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