DIY Rustic Burlap Pumpkins

Well, it’s officially Fall now! I’m excited to get to decorating and will hopefully get a bunch of DIY projects done this year! These cute little Burlap Pumpkins were a project from last Fall and I wasn’t a big fan of these when I made them, but since pulling out the Fall decor, I actually think these are so cute now. I’m glad I didn’t scrap them.

I’ve been rearranging the living room (again) and I brought some shelves up from the basement to put beside the fireplace. (I’ll update once I figure out what’s going on the walls) I brought up a bunch of our antique book collection and mixed in some of my new Jesus books as well. ❤ These little pumpkins look darling in these shelves. I think I may need to make some more this year.

What you’ll need:

  • burlap ( I used a roll like this)(US link here)
  • plastic bags or tin foil
  • elastics
  • twine
  • hot glue & glue gun

To Make: 

Start by making foil balls or plastic bag balls. (I tried this both ways, the bags are more pliable when making the pumpkin shape but the weight of the foil keeps things in place a little better.)

Cut burlap squares big enough to cover the ball with excess at the top to be your stem. I used two layers of burlap because mine had spaces in it where you could see the foil through with only one layer.

Gather the burlap up and around the foil ball to meet at the top. You can use an elastic to keep it in place or just use the twine ties.

Cut twine to make the ties. Tie around the gathered pieces at the top to create the stem. You can wrap around several times, make a bow, or leave the little pieces hanging for an extra rustic look. I left mine rough-looking with shreds of the burlap sticking up at the top.

Next will be to make the pumpkin sections. (Sorry the next photo is a little blurry. If I make anymore this year, I’ll upload a new one.) I used hot glue on the bottom centre of the pumpkin and pushed strands of the twine into it in cross sections.

Pull them tight to create your pumpkin sections and secure them around the steam. You can either tie them together or use hot glue to secure them in place. You can even do this before wrapping the twine around to hide them better. Or add more twine after this step as well.

Ta-Da! All done! You could add berries or twigs or leaves to make these even cuter. I may try an updated version this year. I love the strips of coloured burlap at the top of this one.

I’m so happy I kept these around. I am loving them on my shelves this year!

What fall projects have you been working on so far, this Fall?

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