Seven Reminders To Keep You Present |Reflections of Life. 

Karen of Reflections of Life photography shared such a beautiful set of reminders on her blog, today, featuring our family photo session with her. (She’s so sweet!) 

Everyone should read and apply these meaningful reminders about being present. 

The reminders in short include; 

  1. God breathed life into your lungs this morning.
  2. Today is a gift. 
  3. There are treasures all around you waiting to be found. 
  4. These moments will never come again.
  5. Your life’s a dance, but also a responsibility.
  6. Celebration creates more of a thing.
  7. The world is ready.

Head over to Karen’s blog post to read each reminder in detail. See the whole post here

For more inspiration and helpful ways to connect to your family, see Reflections of Life Photography’s #thepresentmama movement. ❤️ 

Karen’s entire blog is full of positive thoughts and beautiful images. Be sure to check out her Facebook group as well! 

I’m going to share all about our session here soon! I am absolutely in love with all of our photos from Karen! 


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