I got Glasses!

YOU GUYS!! I can see!  It’s so weird!  I haven’t been able to see for quite some time.

I always had 20/20 vision but some months ago, my distance started getting increasingly worse. (Turns out my close up wasn’t as good as I thought either.)

I was struggling with this for a while. I couldn’t see the screens at church, I couldn’t read street signs, the dark would really mess me up and going out shopping would amplify my anxiety. This would often result in headaches from straining to see, or avoiding looking at things because it took too much to try to focus. Around the edges of my vision would seem hazy or cloudy and it was really a terrible experience.

I knew it was bad but I guess I didn’t realize just how bad until we attended a new church with a friend. She asked me where I liked to sit and I said I normally sat near the back. Once we sat down, I said that I should really remember to start sitting near the front because I couldn’t see the pastor or the screens from where we were.  She let me try on her glasses and I could see everything! It was like a whole new world, everything was so crisp and clear and I really realized just how badly I needed to get my eyes looked at.

I think it took me so long to get them looked at because eyes weren’t covered on our insurance plan. Luckily I found The Vision Clinic here in Grimsby and they really help to offset the cost of the exams by giving $100 off your glasses. I would highly recommend them. This was my first eye exam ever! The staff was great, everyone was really nice and helpful while I tried on 100 different pairs of glasses, offering their thoughts, which I appreciated. The doctor doing the exam was great and explained everything and answered my many questions. The gals put on Paw Patrol for my son and let him play with some toys while him and his dad waited for me. When I left they said I should have my glasses in 7-10 business days, which I was a little bummed out about but they ended up coming in 2 business days! They adjusted them when I went in to pick them up (because glasses always sit crooked on my face) and sent me on my merry way. They were happy that I was so excited.

I’m so grateful to be able to see again!! Having glasses will definitely take some getting used to though.. I was super dizzy yesterday, but things are getting better today. I will have to remember to actually put my head down when I look down as curbs and parking lots are really messing with me. They are amplified with the glasses but when I look down I can see out the bottom of my frames so everything looks really wonky.

I’m mostly just amazed at how clear everything is! What might be even better is that Draevyn hasn’t tried to take them off my face once! Which is super weird, because he refuses to let his Nana wear her glasses. He must know I need them. I was really worried that this was going to be an issue and I am so thankful that it’s not.

This whole experience has really reminded me not to take things for granted. Like how my vision has never been an issue before this. I like to remember to thank Jesus daily for all he has blessed us with.

This is the new me.


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