You are never alone.

A lot has gone on since I last posted. I have a ton of drafts sitting, waiting to be completed and published, but for now, this is weighing on my heart and I want to focus on it for a while. I feel compelled to write more about mental illness and some positive reminders, in hopes to reach someone who may need to hear it. I’ve been through the thick of mental illness, at different times, throughout my life, and I mostly want to let those that may be currently suffering, that they’re not alone.

Every now and then something will happen in our lives to remind us to keep things in perspective. I like to watch for patterns of returning reminders and in those times, I know that it’s God planting these things in my heart.

There was a service I watched online from a local church, Central, that was a series about mental health. With today’s statistics, did you know that one in five people are experiencing or have experienced some form of mental health illness? 1 in 5!

They had a lot of great things to say. If you want to check out the series you can find it here.

Sometimes it’s hard to express how we’re feeling. Especially if we’ve never experienced these feelings before. This is when the wise decision to go talk to your doc is best. They can help connect you to the right programs and tools.

Depression can present itself in more ways than just being completely null of feelings. It can be lack of ambition, feeling like doing nothing, losing interest in the things that would usually bring you joy…

Anxiety can present itself in many ways as well. Anger, frustration, outbursts, being afraid of anything and everything. Constant worry, thinking you aren’t good enough.


Since finding Jesus, certain things are so much more clear. Sure, my anxiety can still be a pest but I always remember that I can hand it over to Him. I feel more secure and calm and trust in His loving embrace. I now know that I am never alone because I have a deep and meaningful relationship with Christ and He is always with me.

God created YOU for a purpose. That’s pretty important.

You are loved, you have been pre-destined with a unique purpose that only you can do.

I love that the bible app has an “explore” section where you can select how you’re feeling and it will open up bible verses and quotes, and even amazingly helpful plans directed at any feelings you may be having. I find it super helpful. I actually heard about this app because I went in to talk to my doctor about my anxiety and she told me all about the plans to help in this app. (This visit is full-post worthy and I’ll include it soon) 🙌🏻

There is always someone to listen. Reach out. Please don’t suffer in silence. Things DO get better. I think my most favourite reminder is that Nothing is Permanent. So when things start to feel a little overwhelming, I remind myself that things constantly change, and things only stay the same for a little while. I also like to remember that it’s up to me how I react to a situation that I can not change. It’s up to me to work at changing the things I can (through God’s strength and grace of course) and that any single one of us can truly make a difference.

There are crisis lines, suicide hotlines, mental health counselors, many of which are covered in Canada.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis please call: 

CTV News has all of the Canadian numbers listed HERE for each province as well as the national numbers.

Healthy place has a list of telephone numbers HERE which looks to be based in America.

There are distress centers & crisis hotlines all over the world. A quick google search of “mental health help near me” or “crisis hotline near me” or “distress center near me” should help you connect to the closest possible help.

find a crisis line near you.

Never let a friend or family member suffer in silence either. If they are reaching out to you then please help them seek help. You could potentially save their life.

There are many great resources online for you to better understand what mental illness is, and how it can affect those you love and the people around them. Here’s a great article from CMHA on Understanding Mental Illness

Overall, let’s strive to be kinder, and more loving and patient and to help one another.

Prayers and love to you all. Jesus has got you wrapped in his loving embrace.

Bible quote photos from the bible appMain photo from Pexels.


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