Mama Sherida’s Handmade Lantern Jars

My Mama makes these beautiful lanterns! We recently did a show at the Disnerds Ontario Christmas Bazaar and I think they were a pretty big hit.

This was a Disney themed show only, so she rocked out a ton of really cute designs. She sold out of a lot but has some beauties left over that I will take photos of and post to her page for sale. These would make amazing Christmas gifts!

I really wish I would have had time to take photos of all of them before the show, but hopefully the people who purchased jars will share photos of them on her page. ❤️

The show was a lot of fun. I uploaded an album on her page with all of the photos! Belle and Prince Adam were there and Rapunzel was as well. They were all really great!

Photo: Sarah (@littlebabler on Instagram)

Photo: Sarah (@littlebabler on Instagram)

Photo: Sarah (@littlebabler on Instagram)

She’s made me a couple for our home and everyone that notices them say how beautiful they are. Mine are the manger scene and a cross. ❤️

These lanterns are really crafted with love and care. She hand cuts each silhouette! I would really love to be able to get her one of those vinyl cutting machines to save time and effort. There’s so much work that goes into each jar, and because often her charms and bobbles are reclaimed jewelry and other such things, it means that each jar is unique and no two will be the same.

You can find her page on Facebook and check out some of her work HERE. If you’re local, you can request custom orders! We haven’t set her up to ship yet but that may be something we consider in the future.


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