Rae Dunn inspired labels without a vinyl cutting machine.

Easy DIY Rae Dunn inspired labels without a Cricut.

Rae Dunn can be difficult to find. Especially the canisters. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the coffee and tea ones for a coffee bar I’ve started working on. This easy DIY is for those of us without a Cricut or Silhoette machine. While these won’t be permanent, they’ll give us the look we’re going for until we can find the real deal. (Then we can peel the label off and donate the item) Edited to add that there’s an update at the bottom of this post with a label that you can print that blends in much better than this one.

Rae Dunn inspired labels without a vinyl cutting machine.

I bought this massive cookie jar at Value Village for $6.99 and while I was just going to deal with the font as is until I found the real thing, I thought why not try to make it fit in a little better for the time being…

I remembered the Easy Labels that we made a while back and decided to give it a go on my cookie jar.

All you need for this is a printer, (preferably laser with black toner) the skinny font, regular white paper and packing tape.

Here we go!

Open Photoshop or whatever program you use to type. (Install the skinny font if you haven’t already)

Type the word you’re wanting for the decal you’re making. In my case here, it’s cookies. Make it to size so it fits onto what you’ll be using it for.

How to create Rae Dunn inspired labels without a Cricut machine

Print onto regular white paper. Cut around the word to have as little extra paper as possible.

Lay down the packing tape over the word and push down firmly, making sure there’s no air bubbles. If you need to overlap the tape to cover the word that’s okay. Mine is pretty big so it took 3 strips. Be sure there’s enough overlap that the tape won’t come undone during the next step.

Once you’re sure the tape is on well and covering your entire word, cut the excess off and lay the paper in a bowl of warm water. Let it soak for a few minutes.

Once your paper is thoroughly saturated, begin rubbing the paper off of the tape. (Gently) The letters should remain.

Once all of the paper is off of your tape, lay the tape label out to dry and it will regain its stickiness.

Apply your label!

Admire your beautiful work!

In hindsight, I think I should have made the decal a bit smaller and tried to make the font a bit thinner. All and all though, it looks better than it did and that’s what I was going for.

If you create a label from this post, I would love to see it! Share with me here or on Facebook!

I’ll share my coffee bar here too once it’s completed! My Mama & Brother got us this amazing turquoise Keurig for Christmas!! I love it so much!

Happy labeling! ❤

I feel like I’m going to be labeling a lot of things until I can find my Rae Dunn items. Do you collect Rae Dunn too? What are your favourite pieces?



The size of the label was driving me crazy so I redid the label a bit skinnier and smaller. You can find the updated post HERE. I feel like it blends in a little better now.

Rae Dunn inspired labels without a vinyl cutting machine.


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