Rae Dunn inspired labels without a vinyl cutting machine.

UPDATED Rae Dunn inspired cookie label

I shared in a post yesterday about how I was making simple labels for Rae Dunn inspired items. I had made a cookie label for a random cookie jar that I had picked up at Value Village, and while the font was definitely making it fit in a bit better, the size of the label was driving me mad.. It was too fat and too big and was really obvious next to the other items so I decided to try to make it skinnier and smaller.

I went into Photoshop and used ‘Inner Shadow’ and ‘Inner Glow’ both in white and played with the distance until I felt like it was skinnier then I used a very light drop shadow to make it look like it was deeper. I tried the bevel and emboss but it wasn’t making much of a difference.

SO, here’s the updated COOKIES label in case you want to use this one instead.

I kept the spacing of the tape around the word a bit bigger this time to have more label on either side of the word. (here’s the full how to) 

And I added the old label to a crock above my kitchen cabinets.

I think the new version blends in much better!

See the how-to part of this post HERE.

What are you working on today? Happy Labeling!

Thanks so much for stopping by. ❤


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