7 Day Chain Breaker Devotional by Zach Williams and The Bible App

The Chain Breaker Devotional by Zach Williams

Zach Williams has teamed up with the bible app to bring a 7 day devotional titled Chain Breaker.

7 Day Chain Breaker Devotional by Zach Williams and The Bible App

It is my belief that the things we go through are used by God for something greater. I wrote these devotionals around songs that came out of the darkest period of my life. My prayer is that God uses these devotionals and these songs to provide hope and direct you back to where truth resides—in His word.  Thank you for participating in the Chain Breaker Devotional! Zach Williams

I am always so inspired by Zach and his music and story. If you’re feeling like you know there’s a better life but you’re not sure where to start, then I highly suggest downloading the bible appsearching this devotional (I just searched Chain Breaker and it popped right up) and starting the 7 day plan. I promise, things do get better. Trust God to direct you to a better life.

the bible app also has a discover section where you can choose how you’re feeling and the app will open up bible verses, images, plans and reading for you, to help with however you might be feeling. I find this really very helpful and I like to use it often. Not just to have reminders that God is always there, but to also help uplift and encourage the people around me that may need to hear His word.

Do you use the bible app? What’s your favourite part about it? 


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