Reusable coffee pods getting you down?

Me too. I’m always left with grounds in my cup no matter what I do. I’ve gone to the extent of putting a fine mesh strainer on the cup with paper towel inside and still get grounds.

It also makes a mess of the coffee maker. My poor new Keurig.

I drink a lot of coffee so I really can’t afford to always be buying the pods. Plus, because after my first two morning coffees, I drink decaf the rest of the day, there really isn’t much point in making a bunch of pots full.

I decided to try this tea bag steeper that I got from Epicure. (Theres plenty of similar ones online) it sits right in the top of your cup, hangs on by two handles and I just let the water brew through it and it works like a charm! No more grounds.

I thought I would share this little tip in case you too are struggling with reusable coffee pods.

Here are some similar ones online:

This one is pretty much identical, aside from the covers on the handles.

this onealso looks very similar.

This one may be the winner, they even come in a set of 2, one black & one red. These are definitely the closest to mine.

This cotton tea net would probably work awesome too, and may even be easier to clean out. They even have a tea squeezer so you don’t have to worry about your fingers.

Trying a medium or coarse ground coffee in the pods will be my next try. While this tea strainer does work for no grounds, I still get some fine ground dust in the bottom.

I also scored these two Pyrex percolators so I’ll be trying these soon too. (They require a coarser ground so it may be the same for the pods)

I also have a french press to try yet.

What’s your favourite way to brew coffee? 

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! I hope you have a great day!

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