Fundraiser for the Hill family

A dear friend of the family’s son Nathan, just 17, has recently been diagnosed with Cancer. He has been in and out of the hospital the past few months for various tests, treatments and surgeries and has been experiencing a lot of pain. Nathan is now admitted to the hospital and will be staying for quite some time. Prayers today for Nathan as he undergoes more surgery.  

I decided to launch a fundraiser through my Scentsy business as I would like for us to be able to help alleviate some of the costs of transportation, parking, food, lost time at work, special procedures, and anything extra that the family may be needing at this time.

I’ve known the Hill family for a long time. I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding 8 years ago. They’re a beautiful little family with a lot of love for one another.

April is testicular cancer awareness month and the awareness ribbon is purple. In support of our fundraiser for the Hill family, it’s only fitting to share all things purple! but of course you can shop for any product at all to help. (just please be sure to shop through their specific link)

I’ve made two albums of ideas on my Briar Rose – Independent Scentsy Consultant – Grimsby page!

Fundraiser for the Hill family 

Purple Scent Bars!

Link to join the event page on facebook.

100% of my commissions through the fundraiser event will be donated to the Hill family during this difficult time. That is 25% of all sales totals. & What Scentsy generously gives with what our total sales are, I would like to use to make up a basket for the family.

What Scentsy generously gives with what our total sales are, I would like to use to make up a basket for the family.

Shop online CANADA WIDE and have your order come straight to your door! No waiting for the party to close or order through me if you’re local and would like to save on shipping. Pickup would be in Grimsby or Smithville once the order has been submitted.
Please check out our event here and please let us know if you would like to contribute.

100% of my commissions will go to support the Hill family during our fundraising event.

Here is also a direct link to a GoFundMe if you would like to donate directly. It also has more info of everything that Nathan has been through the past few months.

Thanks so much for your support, friends. 💜


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