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Affiliate disclosure

Sometimes links on this blog are affiliate companies, meaning that when you make a purchase through one of the links, I earn a small commission. This doesn’t cost you anything extra and helps to support the blog! Thank you so much! 🌸

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Please also note that in order to keep this blog active – I may receive compensation from affiliate parties or sponsored posts. The links to products I list are always that in which I use or recommend. Please see My Affiliate List for more information and a list of programs I am connected with.

safety disclaimer

Outlined in two parts:


I, Briar-Rose, make safety my top priority while working. I am a mother, wife & daughter  and I like to set my standards high on safety precautions to be the best  I can be for my family. (both physically & as an example)

PLEASE always be sure you are wearing protecting gear in the form of eye protection, safety masks etc. Working in a well ventilated environment & reading directions on the products you’re using.

I am NOT professionally trained by any means. I simply love creating and decided I’d also love to share my projects & experiences here with you.

By reading this blog, and performing any of the DIY ideas I share, you hereby acknowledge that you are responsible for your own safety, as well as your family or those around you & are taking the safety precautions necessary.


The purpose of the natural lifestyle portion of this blog is to simply share my love for using natural products with you. As well as my research, thoughts, projects, experiments, experiences and information as I seek to help heal and improve the health of my family, friends and myself through all natural, chemical-free products. 

I ask that you always do your own research and to never use information found on this site alone as opposed to seeking advice from a medical professional.

My goal is simply to help share information that has been tried and tested by myself and has worked for myself and my family or friends.

Remember, everyone reacts differently to everything and although the ingredients here are all natural, please be aware of allergies, reactions or sensitivities to certain ingredients.

It’s important to understand that because the ingredients are all naturally and aren’t chemically enhanced, the shelf life of your homemade products will be less of that of a commercial one. In my opinion, I would rather make small batches of all natural remedies than put chemicals on my family.

By using information found on this blog, you expressly acknowledge and agree that Briar-Rose – the author, is  not responsible for the outcome of anything resulting from the use or misuse of this blog’s information. You – the reader are responsible to always do your own research and testing before using any information found here.

This blog is not to be replaced with professional medical advice.