Reclaimed & Eco-Friendly Rustic Home Decor!

Our friends over at Our Green House have some seriously beautiful home decor options! I love this shop. They carry a wide selection of gift ideas for babies, family, home and more. Everything in this collection is recycled and reclaimed, which is my most favourite part!  HERE is a link to the entire collection but … Continue reading Reclaimed & Eco-Friendly Rustic Home Decor!

Caring for your Rae Dunn Clay

Caring for your Rae Dunn clay Collection. 

Have you joined in the Rae Dunn craze? It's all the rage on Instagram and I could spend all day looking at all of the gorgeous photos. Caring for your Rae Dunn clay is fairly simple. There's no big trick, but I do see the topic come up often about care; mostly on storage and … Continue reading Caring for your Rae Dunn clay Collection.